April 2011

Sorry folks, I know lots of you have all been missing my blog but I had to stop because we just ran out of time. I try to help with lots of stuff here but everyone's been so busy I haven't wanted to burden them with upoading my blog on top of everything else.

We had a spell where we were beyond full to bursting which meant everyone has to concentrate on the important stuff and for some reason my blog hit the low priority list. We're still full and though we've got some great new volunteers on the team to help care for all the cats there's still no time for me. Grrrr....

Still, I thought I had better sneak a quick hello to let you know things are vey busy but all good! I must admit it does give me a bit more free time for sunning myself so I'm kind of glad.

Those of you who have signed up for our email news updates will be kept informed of what's going on and if you haven't signed up yet then please drop a line to felinecarecats [at] gmail [dot] com and let them know you're interested. 

Lots of purrs to you all,


27/01/11 Chilly store collecters!

Volunteers have been shaking their tins outside Tesco in Diss today. They must have been freezing because I haven't dared go outside it's been so chilly. I hope they raised loads though for all their efforts.

Dad and Chris have been finishing getting the marquees up ready for the weekend and they look done to me. Still loads of work to do, I may help tomorrow.

Mum and Emma have been away on a course all day to learn stuff (they said they've come home more confused!) so the Poppy and Bethany doggies were left at home. Poor Poppy loves mum so much that she's been in a silly state all day. She's been running home and sitting outside the door at every opportunity because she's convinced mum's hiding at home somewhere. Honestly she's so thick it's unreal. Bethany's been happily helping dad because she's got more brains.


25/01/11 Where's Gin-Gin's limp?

The feral boy with a limp was caught yesterday afternoon but so far no one has seen a limp! He went in for neutering today and while he was under anaesthetic absolutely nothing show up at all. It may be that he has an old injury which is almost better and while he's so scared it's overriding his pain and so he's not limping any more. He'll be kept in for another couple of days to recover and be kept an eye on before he goes home.

Some of our youngsters who have not found homes were given some freedom yesterday. A gang of five were let out for a few hours yesterday and then they've been out again for the day today too. They've had loads of fun except so far it's only little Lisa who has been brave enough to touch the grass!

We had a tonne of cat litter delivered this afternoon. The lorry driver was really excited to be delivering to a cat rescue and said he's going to come along to our Jumble Sale on Sunday with his wife. They have been thinking about getting a cat for a while apparently so I hope they meet someone they like here.

Soka and I have been helping with the huge amount of paperwork 49 cats create this evening. It was hard work but we think we done good and was very helpful...


23/01/11 Another bald boy

The tatty black fellow is called Charlie and has now been mostly shaved shaved, bless him! He was a very good boy apparently but he still has more work to be done. As he's elderly he'll be trimmed in stages so he doesn't get too stressed.

The rest of the group are getting braver and braver and they quite like their new sleeping shelves:

It's been a quiet day, seems weird that we suddenly have another 48 cats since last week and everyone's being kept very busy caring for them. There's a boy with a bad limp waiting to be trapped so that's tomorrow's first job and if he's caught that'll be 49 cats admitted in less than a week! I don't think we've ever taken in so many so quickly.

We had a few people come round to view today sadly no-one was reserved. Poppet, a little semi-feral boy, would have been if it wasn't for his persistent bed-messing. It's not his fault, sometimes it takes boys longer to learn these things and I can hardly comment as I never use them!


22/01/11 From full to bursting

We were expecting a large group of domestic cats today but 21 is just crazy! Apparently the household had had 40 but have homed lots already. They'd bred most of them and loads of them have 'flu symptoms. Most have been neutered thankfully but no one seemed entirely sure who hasn't!

Thankfully they have already started to relax this evening though sadly two have had to be separated into ICU (our intensive care unit) because they are so poorly. There's a big black tatty old boy who looks like he is held together by his matted fur but he seems to be relaxed with the group so will be medicated among them.

Here's a shot of most of the carriers when they arrived, waiting to be let our into the huge room put aside for them...


Live stream from our Facebook page...

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