Wish list

  1. Indorex flea prevention

    This is one of our best tools in the fight against fleas! 

    We use it in bedrooms and on bedding to kill any flea eggs and larvae that might find their way past our security! 

    This is the place we usually buy it but if you find a cheaper deal please let us know! 

    (We highly recommend it for your own homes too - carpets are havens for flea eggs to hatch!) 


  2. Kitchen roll

    For mopping up little kitty 'accidents'!

  3. Timber and Wood


    We have a constant stream of building projects on site - all with the aim of improving life for our residents. Wherever possible we avoid buying new wood and try to use off-cuts and donations so please check through your sheds!

    Kitchen worktop can also be made use of too! 


  4. Gardening tools & people!

    We have over three acres or grounds to maintain and need more hand tools and more hands to use them! People able to spot a plant or weed would be handy but we've also discovered enthusiasm also goes a long way so please get in touch if you have any spare time.

  5. Foreign & Old Money

    If you're not sure what to do with your leftover change from a holiday abroad then we collect it all: Euros, Rupee, Dollars....

  6. Your old clothes...

    ... and your familys' clothes.... and your friends' clothes.... and your work colleagues' clothes.... ANY CLOTHES! The clothing that cannot be sold in our shop in Attleborough is sold on to our ragman which makes up a vital part of our income. Between April-July this year we have sold on a staggering £935 of your tatty old clothes, shoes, bags and bedding!

  7. Batteries

    All sizes of batteries are needed to test out items for sale in our shop. Items sell much quicker when people can see them working on the shelf!

  8. Pallets

    We use plenty of pallet wood on site and can make use of any pallets, new or old, for things like mini cat shelters, shelves in our chicken pen, etc...

  9. Towels

    We get through a mountain of towels every single week. The better quality ones are sold in our Charity Shop and some are used as bedding. The majority are cut up into disposable cleaning cloths for us by Karen, who regularly cuts up several bin bags full at a time! That way we can use a new cloth to scrub each and every room, pen or cage and reduce any spread of germs. 

  10. Any old shoes or boots

    It may seem a strange wish but 'ragged' shoes and boots are a great fundraiser for us.

  11. Prizes!

    Raffles and tombolas tend to be lots of fun as well as guaranteed income but we rely on your generosity to supply us with prizes. Any new goods can be used but we notice that bottles, new soft toys and fancy toiletries are the most popular and pull in the crowds!

  12. Places for our Collection Boxes!

    Do you know any shops or work places who would consider having one of our collection boxes?

  13. A friendly Electrician!

    We have no electrical worries on site at the moment but it pays to be prepared and we'd love to have someone on hand to help in an emergency. We invite donations of help from all tradesmen (and women!) so please get in touch if you have a skill to share.

  14. Mobile phones

    As many charities, we are now able to recycle old phones to raise funds for our kitties. Please think of us if you upgrade!

  15. Stamps

    Our newsletter costs over £300 to send each time. We have cut our mailings down from three times to twice a year to help cut our enormous postage costs but any donations of stamps would be very gratefully received to keep our newsletter free for everyone!

  16. Vileda Magic Mop Refills

    With tiled floors throughout our facility we get through a huge amount of mop heads. We have found Vileda Magic Mops to give by far the best and quickest results and only Magic Mop refill heads will fit our mop handles!

  17. Trees and Shrubs


    As time passes we'd like to replace a lot of the hawthorn wooded areas on site as it's so spikey and not so fun for the cats. We don't mind what we replace with so long as it's not thorny or in need of major care and attention (as the cats get all of that!) and your tree could be part of Feline Care's future orchard. We'll make sure we tag your donated tree so you can visit it when it's all grown up!


  18. Good quality colour printing

    Obviously we try and keep our costs down by using black and white copying wherever possible but we still need small amounts of high quality colour printing for display boards and posters which our office printer isn't able to do.

  19. Thick household bleach

    Every single day after our litter trays have been washed they are re-washed in a strong concentration of household bleach to ensure all nasties are killed! This solution is then rinsed off before the trays are dried and refilled for the next day.

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